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"Dog is missing"


this made me giggle


this game made me watch the movie and must I say, both are so amazing! egg/10 would hatch again


took me a while until I learned it was a advertainment piece. lots of needless waiting between textboxes though.


5 stars out of 5 egg did indeed hatch

my kid likes this,she is very into sim games

Awesome game!

Good and interesting game. 

Loved this short but spooky little game! I am a huge horror fan and definitely want to check this movie out now! Check out my gameplay of it!

this game was very good! a little spooky and very creative. rip


Here's an eggtastic speedrun


First of all, thank you for introducing me to a new horror film I need to check out. Secondly, congrats on another amazing game! (This is the third game on the video)

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. This game was both creepy and interesting. It has me wondering about the movie for sure. Great work! 

I thought this was amusing and launched a vendetta against the mother. I liked the art for this as well. Good job! 


didn't read the description before playing and i thought all the gymnastics was for the egg...lovely game tho!

This was fun and weird. It definitely helped make me curious about the movie :)

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This was really creative! I wonder how you get the Teddy Bear murder scene to happen? It wouldnt for me for some reason.

You get it at day 2, "keep egg warm".


gud gem airdofr


Awesome stuff. I love your little LED excursions-- heck, pixel horror is criminally underrated. Game is tight and the movie looks good, too!