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Any chance of a downloadable version?

why is the farm so hard for me?


Gotta believe in yourself
Also, you can warp to the other side of the screen by going out of bounds

Goats :

I Will choose to explode for no reason.


Well I had fun until I got to the farm where I can only hold one holding cell, they glide through the goats unless you're exactly in the middle, and Sarah just chills as close to the gate as she can.

Still a good effort, though.

lol thanks

This was so fun. I never knew goats were so lethal!!

Nice film, compared the game to the trailer

Rage inducing, but great

Made a video

That was very cute! 


I may have gotten.. a little mad trying to play this one..


Good lord, I can't wait for Faith Chapter 3. "How does Airdorf do comedy?" Incredibly well.

I can't go to the castle :ccc


Tha Farm is impossible to complete sometimes, good game :D



Nice game, never saw the movie so i didn't really understand what was happening xD

I really enjoyed being a magpie

This was pretty great! Makes me interested in seeing the movie so mission accomplished :)

Not what I expected but just what I needed! Starts at 17:30!

Demonic furniture. Demon milk.

Demonic recycling. Demon milk.

Demonic goats. DEMON MILK?!

Amazing game, first of your games I've ever gotten to play! Thank you so much!

YOUTUBER: Maya, The Bubble E1

🎀 M O R T I S ? | EXTRA ORDINARY & THE WIND Full Gameplay

The game is really enjoyable, which is no surpirse because Airdorf always makes a great experience.

I haven't seen the movie, but after watching the trailer I can see how the game ties in really nicely, and it made me want to watch it!

There is one thing I hated about this game however, and that was the goat level. It made me very, very salty and took me about 20 minutes to do that one level. The hit boxes just didn't seem great.

But overall, a really great game!

Here's my video for those interested:

That was fun! Thank you ^_^ Made you a lil video: 

Just finished playing and I loved it!

It's weird. I like it.

So cool!!

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Interview with Airdorf on In The Keep Podcast (2020)

YouTube // Podcast Directories

As always, the game blew me away. Absolutely love the style, sound, colours,, Never fails to inspire me. Thank you for making such wonderful masterpieces!


This is good as hell! Are you legally allowed to release the 8-bit renditions of the soundtrack on your YouTube? It really does jam quite hard. Have luck in your future endeavors.