A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

EXCUSE ME SIR is a point-and-click adventure game featuring content creator Molly Moonn. Her world is creepy, surreal, and if you're not careful... deadly! Can you solve the mystery of your missing brother? Or will Molly lure you to your doom? 


What started as a shot-in-the-dark tweet is now a twisted collaboration between Molly Moonn, Airdorf Games (FAITH: The Unholy Trinity), Jesse Cox (Monster Prom) and Torple Dook (Hand of Doom, Chip's Tips)!



  • A new story from the world of Molly Moonn, designed by Molly herself
  • Crispy chrunchety fmv-style graphics and audio
  • Point-and-click gameplay where your choices decide the outcome
  • Items to collect and use on the environment
  • Multiple endings - can you find them all?
  • Original art by Trevor Henderson (creator of Siren Head and SCAREWAVES)

Yes that's right! Trevor is joining our unholy union to provide some terrifying artwork:

We call him Truffles


We hope you enjoy this free demo as we continue development! If you experience any bugs or errors send a message to contact(at)airdorf(dot)com.



Cox Omnimedia
Updated 22 days ago
Published 27 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(147 total ratings)
AuthorsAirdorf, TorpleDook
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Creepy, Horror, Short, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen, Smartphone


EXCUSE ME SIR Demo v1.0.1 297 MB
EXCUSE ME SIR Demo v1.0.1 (macOS) 294 MB

Install instructions

macOS version: Unzip the archive with a third-party app like The Unarchiver (available for free on the App Store) and open the EXCUSE ME SIR app. Using the default unzipping utility will cause the app to not launch. You will also have to go into System Settings and set the app to always open.

Windows version: Simply unzip the archive and open the executable. Pour yourself a cold one and congratulate yourself for not being a Mac owner.

Development log


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Not bad, really fun and interesting

Such a cool demo! Nailed the creepy 90's fmv vibe. More ples

juego loco 馃敟 

This was pretty fun! Wasn't really scared but enjoyed playing it nontheless :)!

She walks like she has a buttplug up her ass


does she really have to be hot? 


yeah adds character

Really enjoyed this one! Molly Moonn does such a great job being creepy/unsettling throughout. The brief look into the story was more intriguing than I expected, I'm really curious what is going to happen after we "escaped"..

The whole team did an excellent job and I'm looking forward to the full release! Thanks for releasing this entertaining demo :)

I gotta say after playing this i have a couple theories as to what happened to the brother and other things. Over all, a very interesting game and good mechanics.

This was a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to more


协泻褋泻褞褋 屑懈 褋褘褘褘褘褘褘褘褘褘褘褘褉

Deleted 1 day ago

Recently experienced Excuse me Sir and wow it's a trip! Molly Moonn did an awesome job creating this eerie point-and-click adventure. Trying to solve the missing brother mystery led to some unexpected and ominous twists. Trevor Henderson's original art adds a unique touch and the multiple endings depending on your choices add replay value. Excited to see what else they come up with!

android please

This was FANTASTIC!!!

Very good and weird game, I enjoyed the different endings of the game:

When A Beautiful Stranger Leads You To Danger


Loved the game! its was interesting and really fun the way the game is played!
Me encanto el juego! Muy piola la forma en que se desarrolla y juega, es raro y eso es bueno!
SALUDOS DESDE ARGENTINA! Tierra de messi y el dulce de leche jajaj


Don't be afraid John. This won't be a one night stand since I can't last that long.


"Excuse me, sir!
There must be someone you've confused me for
If I could see someone who knew me or someone in uniform
I go to church on Sunday
Truly, usually more!"

"Screaming at the angels as they pushed him through the door!"


Weird (which is good). Creative. Could be more scarier... Sadly, i expected more :S but lets wait for the full release :3


I somehow wished the game was more meta (and more scary), especially with Molly involved, it would have been cool to break the fourth wall a little but who knows, maybe the demo is the bait & switch, I am still looking forward to see what the full release does, after all, the team behind this is pretty impressive. 


i dont know how to get the game can someone help me


There's huge download buttons on the page (under the title "Download"). Click them and they will lead you to the demo download for Windows and Mac. 


very creative concept, 

Fun, creepy, and short. This demo seems promising but items are almost never used.


TF you get this sureal ideas? Do you go visit schizophrenic serial killers to ask them how they see the world?

you become the scizophrenic


Anyonse knows how to get ending 1


Ask to use her phone, then don't go to talk to her when she's in the living room, go to the bedroom, look around, and ask about the bag you when she comes in and just be generally difficult when she questions you.


Ok thanks




This was quite the experience! It really reminded me of old point and click horrors like darkseed 2 and harvester, very interesting, weird and creepy! I enjoyed the overall tone its worth a play for sure! Here is my gameplay video!


Great game! I really want the full version of it!


Absolutely amazing game overall I highly recommend and I can't wait to see more! 

excited for the full game of this, it鈥檚 such a breath of fresh air and after being a fan of the tiktoks, it鈥檚 so cool to be able to see a fleshed out story… or eventually a fleshed out story.

This game was very interesting, liked the style and the gameplay was sweet short fun! ill be interested in the full release :D 


what did u use to make this?




lol sorry i meant the program



It was made in Unity :)


Im hyped to see what the full game will look like, deffo gonna get it when it comes out.


I love this game so much!!


Excellent short horror experience! We had a blast playing this on the channel since the game makes for great commentary. I kinda ended up roleplaying a little too much at the end though...


Creepy et rigolos a la fois haha j'ai adorer! 

Bon travail bravo continuez comme ca! =)


I can't get in:(



first extract it when its done open the file and click the application. hope this helps:


As someone who doesn't generally like Point-and-click games this game has changed my view! I really like the horror mixed with the comedy. This is a great game! See my playthrough below!


This is part one of my coverage/showcase of this demo. I dove into the background of the 90's style of "digital unrealism" before going into the creation of the game.

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