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This game is really great actually, I can't wait to play the full version!

Really love the idea of a fishing horror game, which isn't something I thought I'd ever say.

Made a video

I always enjoyed fishing mini-games in the games that I played. So this was pretty much right up my alley!! lol

Played your game in an indie romp. I was not safe from the lake :'(

hope you enjoy the video, your game starts at 8:31

Pretty cool game!

This was really good! The fishing aspect was more challenging than I expected, and the game gives off a happy vibe up until you see the creature for the first time. Great way to build a sense of fear! Here's my playthrough: 


Played Earl's Day Off. Featured it as my Monday indie game on Epic Brew. 

Looking forward to seeing the concept expanded.

This is incredible


I really loved the charm of this game! I grew up playing Sega Bass Fishing and love horror games so this was a treat! Looking forward to seeing more! 

Cool game! First time I've played a fishing horror game lol

Great game, the concept of fishing horror is a tough one but I think you had the best idea. Game is at 0:17

Nice game. The objective items could use bigger hit boxes.

Hoooey, gotta catch me some feesh

Can't stand fishing BUT this was actually a good little slow burn horror! (Second game of this compilation)


Pretty cool! Has me interested in where this is going. Fishing and horror is a great combination!

Huge fan of this game. The time it takes to reel in creates perfect tension

good game, glad that zou made it, keep up the good work!

Airdorf going 3d? Heck yeah. Just imagine Viktor Kraus joining that team.

I might have to try this sometime.

How do you get the key?

Who needs a key that's too deep to reach? One of the fish has the ring, so focus on finding which one.

Caught all the fish but got no ring so what else should I do?

Did you hear something heavy fall in the lake?


I also thought it was the key that fell into the water.

It wasn't the key.

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