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Hoping for a steam release since I can't buy both of the series here at  :'>


After seeing ManlyBadassHero do the secret ending, I'm really excited to see what you come up with for chapter 3.


Played this game a while ago and it still fucks me up 10/10

Hi! I'm a huge fan of the original faith however in recent times my PC died and I got a mac (unfortunately) I was wondering if the game will be coming out for OS anytime soon because this next installment looks REALLY promising.


Me and my sister did a playthrough! Great job as always!!! Can't wait for more!

I hope Mr. Airdorf you know every good game has a trilogy :D (not finished yet, i am past saving those three purple guys)

Just finished playing and i gotta say, i loved this game better than the first! Keep making good games like this Airdorf!!

Thank you! And I will!

Do you have any plans on some point supporting Linux? I know I could probably play the game in WINE, but WINE has so amny dependencies that I really don't want to have to install.

I dont trust trees anymore! thanks airdorf! (this game is so amazing tho 10/10 )

The last passage has been written

Thank you for allowing us players to get a demo taste of Faith 2! Since I played Faith 1 I knew I was in for a tr eat and, also a riveting scare! I don't know how you made an atari like game so horrifying but, you did! I look forward to grabbing the full game soon and, I know it will be well worth the money!

The next passage has been written

Made another video


Made a video

Just finished first playthrough (got either ending II or 11 wasn't sure if it was numbers or numerals). Really enjoyed it and will go through again soon, thanks for the great work Airdorf!

insta buy ;3

So far awesome as expected, have to dive in more

Waited a long time for this gem, One of my favorite horror series has resurfaced. This game is amazing, the art style, the sound design and the story are all bone chilling. The Second game is a set above the original and the demo. Its surpassed all of my expectations, Airdorf has done it again making an incredible interactive nightmare that sticks with you as you lay there in bed. Good luck getting to sleep with pleasant dreams tonight! 

This was pretty awesome! Even better than the first game. I always love to see games that can be genuinely creepy with old school graphics. Looking forward to the release of Chapter II.

I know this is a standalone story but I am curious if this story has any connection to the main storyline at all.

Great game. I was skeptical at first because i usually don't like those kinds of graphics. However, i was happily proven wrong.


Loved the first and the demo keep up the great work looking forward for the full release.

btw can you maybe make the crucifix yellow like the last game it blends in with the buildings.

Nope. There’s a reason why the crucifix is white. 

Oh ok thanks for letting me know :)

oof, still a  demo?

This looks great! The first one was a lot of fun so I'm excited to play this.

Look forward to this one, friend! Keep up the good work, I have FAITH in you.

I really liked the original game and I'm really excited for the sequel! I hope it comes out soon because I really love these games!

I absolutely loved the first game and I am very excited for this one!  This demo was great and had an even more intense atmosphere than the original did.  


I may be abit late but I felt I had to say something. Faith I blew me away and I cant wait to play the full squeal. both games stuck around with me for a while. The graphics and audio constantly came to mind when talking about what I have played recently. I loved this game even though towards the end I started to get confused I wanna play more.

This was just as awesome as the first Faith. I knew enough to read the actual 'readme' file for the secret, this time! The graphics are super unique and really inspired a lot more effort on the atmosphere. I imagine a pixel horror is tough to build into an actual terrifying experience, but you really hit it on the head with this one. I saw on Twitter that this is going to be a completely separate experience from the full Faith II game, and I'm extremely excited for that. The story was very well told and left a lot of holes for our imaginations as players to fill. I got both endings and there are still many mysteries to solve here. Thanks so much for making this and good luck with the full game! I'll be there waiting for the release!


I am super excited for the full release of this game! Its a type of horror that definitely explains the idea: less is more. :) good luck and keep doing a great job!!

Y'ALL NEED JESUS! | FAITH: Chapter II Full Gameplay Walkthrough

Made a video


It was a mission but i wanna say i found the secert ending! lol but i most likely just found another ending! loll but i really did enjoy this game i cant wait for the full game! Everything about this is perfect!

So good, really looking looking forward to buying the full release! Still haven't figured out the secret ending... 


Finale to the demo - great fun!


Psh "finale"? You didn't even get the secret ending


I'm glad I checked for this today, thanks!


The demo was amazing. Good job. Now let's wait for the whole chapter


my channel:

watch video here:


YESSSSS! It's about damn time ;)


First again! Thanks for playing amigo :D


Not ever a problem :P


Awesome!  I greatly enjoyed the first one and this one is off to a fantastic start.  It's those subtleties and feeling of the unseen/briefly seen terrors lurking around that really create the atmospheres to these games.  And those enemies.  Great designs.  A couple have a little bit of a HP Lovecraft monster kind of feel to them (IMO), which I those types of creatures frightening.  I'll tell you, what made Michael in the 1st game so creepy was both his inhuman appearance and voice, but particularly his awkward movements.  There's something truly unsettling about a creature moving toward you that moves in a way that's unnatural in an otherworldly way.  A "thing that should not be" if you will.

By the way, ironically, as soon as I entered into the church, a thunderstorm with strong whistling winds, heavy rains, and frequent lighting/thunder rolled through.  It made my house creak and groan.  Perfect timing to the chilling atmosphere in the game lol.

Anyway, can't wait to see how you continue to develop it from here.  I'll definitely look out for updates as they come.  Thanks for taking the time to create these brilliant games!  Keep up the good work!

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