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excellent game! art is amazing and horrific. i love the way these games play with people's expectations. the note that goes on forever and the reveal is one of my favorite parts.

i also love that the demo is its own little prologue (and that it's included with the game). love when games do that, and the demo isn't a small snippet of the game. makes the demo something you don't shrug off after the game releases.

amazing work. can't wait for 3 and the unholy trilogy!

I liked this one even more than the first one! It has a bit more of mechanics, so it feels more rewarding. And the torch part was really scary.

I've also had problems trying to figure out the solution for the foggy crossroad. I knew that the solution was on the direction the statues were pointing to, but I tried that and didn't work. At the end I just watched a gameplay lol. Great game anyway, but I think that part should be a bit clearer!

Not going to lie, there are parts of this game that genuinely terrified me. Can't wait for part 3!

Is chapter 3 going to be released on itch?

Fantastic game, I've never been so scared like this in a long time. Can't wait for part III!


@Airdolf Michael Davies?? That's my full name also lol I'm extra spooked now...:s

how to i get through the church. i solved the cemetery fog maze no probs but i have no idea what im doing after i did confession. im stupid and there is no good walkthroughs online

You have to walk around the church and use the cross when the screen becomes "strange" (you'll see everything in a reddish shadow)

thanks i cant seem to trigger the reddish shadows so i was wondering if the candles were tied to some logic puzzle i was missing out on.

Love the trailer

Played FAITH 1,2 & 3rd demo and loved them all, can't wait for FAITH Chapter III. Question: What program did you use for the rotoscope animations?


You guys have done a good job. If you made one of these games really long combined with a bunch of crazy stuff that nobody would think of, you guys would hit home. Crazy stuff as in a flickering screen, sound going off, distortion, etc. Use a lot of psychological stuff on the player. Mess with the player's mind.

How do you make those voices? I’d like to make some voice lines myself. Do you use a site or something? If so please, link it!

Hello, this game uses Software Automatic Mouth. You can use it online or download for Windows.

Deleted 171 days ago

Aw man. That's too bad. Send me an email with your PC specs, particularly your graphics card and hopefully we can solve this!

Just a question but why did the game got free?

Any plans to make this and Faith on Mac?

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Literally everybody except the priests know not to go into the "Candy Tunnel" Marked with ACTUAL Blood.

"Daddy, can I go into the CANDY TUNNEL?"

"No, daughter. There are unforeseen evils in there but I too want to go in if I could."

Oh, and did that corrupted kid monster just call me a...

Actually, nevermind...

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Hello, I love this game but I have a problem with it. In order to progress you have to fight the monster at the foggy crossroads. I spent nearly twenty minutes trying to find this monster before giving up and looking up the solution. If there is a hint in the game that tells you what to do, I didn't find it. As it is I was left scratching my head, getting bored and frustrated and wondering what I was doing wrong. It seems to me like the solution is counter-intuitive and should be hinted at. Maybe change the appearance of the crossroads when the player makes a correct directional choice? Overall it's a minor complaint, you do an amazing job and please keep doing what you do!

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This is exactly my current experience. Haven't looked up the answer yet, but I'm running out of things to try blindly.

EDIT: Found the solution on the previous screen. Super vague and unclear, but it is there.

its actually very obvious that the statues are pointing directions and theyre for something


Obviously not to everyone.

Amazing game. Can't get enough. Gotta play Ch3!!

please make more of this series


Interview with Airdorf on In The Keep Podcast (2020)

YouTube // Podcast Directories

Fantastic game! Amazing series! Managed to get all 3 endings! If there are more endings please let me know :)

Absolutely incredible. I loved the first Faith and this game just completely exceeded my expectations. I'm hype for Faith 3 and any future games you do. 

Happy new year with this "Spiderun" in 13 mins! (hacks and tricks used...)

I don't know what I did, but I finished the game. Really fun. Looking forward to chapter 3.

Really great game! I'll finish it as soon as I know what I did wrong.


wow! This game is mind blowing! :D The First and second, can't wait for the third!

What are you using for the voices? I would love to mess around with my friends using the voices!


It's some kind of voice synthecizer, but I couldn't find it, would love to find out too though.


I believe it's SAM, a text-to-speech programme that was used on consoles like the Commodore 64 and Atari :)

I just looked it up and tried, it sounds just like the game's voices! Or the contrary, but you get the point. I bet that's what they used for the voice acting, even makes sense considering the Atari aesthetic.


Love the attention to detail put into the game. Can't wait to see where this goes from here!

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FAITH: Chapter II was a very worthy follow up to the original.  Very different, but still very high quality and original, and definitely scarier than the first.  Loving the world that's being built and I can't wait to see chapter III!

I posted a video of my playthough, if anyone is curious to watch ;)

I've been a huge fan of FAITH since it came out (in that I was so upset playing it that I really hoped you didn't make a second one.) Well you did, and now I got to play it. You're very good at making my skin crawl and that's a real talent.

This is also a dirty shill post, but all the things before are still real.

Please don't make more FAITH chapters (or do... then I will play them.)

Airdorf if you are reading this i'm a big fan of faith series and your work & I just wanna say thank you for your work and being a part of pixel horror community. btw I know chapter 3 is in development but can you tell us how many chapters faith is in total?

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Has anyone else had problems with the child in the cornfield? Everytime I play I hear the kid saying "will you help me?" but he never appears. I can walk all over the cornfield and the kid never appears so I can't take him back to the confessional. I have seen other people playing and the kid runs right up to them but I have never had that happen. Preventing me from completing one of the endings.


Don't give up! Did you get rid of the church demon? "Children fear her", after all...


Fantastic follow up to the first game!  The updates the menu options were great and I felt they were needed.  The sound design in these games is really fantastic and I love the old school voices.  I'm excited for part 3. 

can't wait for the 3 Release!! 

I had a great time playing FAITH 1 and 2 and can't wait for the 3rd!


Incredible work just like the previous game. Will definitely buy Faith: Chapter III!


Excellent game!  My friends and I were big fans of the first Faith, and so tonight we all got together to play through the sequel.  Certainly upped the ante!  Very good stuff.  Thank you for the experiences!  Deus benedicat!


Absolutely amazing, terrifying, and mind blowing game! Love the art style, graphics and story! Keep up the amazing work!


Absolutely loved my first playthrough, I'm feeling so invested in the world that's being created. Can't wait until the next part is released! 

Thank you 😊

Great game, but I'm at a loss on how i could get any different endings. I got ending II

To get ending one don't do anything morally sketchy like drawing a pentagram

To get ending III do everything that's morally sketchy 

love it

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