First Look at FAITH: Chapter III Demo

Here it is, your first screenshot of the FAITH: Chapter III demo! You might say the demo is a... VERTICAL slice of the full game?


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Nice demo, kept me entertained with the long gameplay time, I got Endings 1 and 2 which I felt were both pretty well thought out. I still wonder what's in the 7th Floor, either way it was a nice game and can't wait for the full version to come out.

Me and my sis played through the demo, great work as always!!!

I was wondering if this demo is going to be accessible only by steam, or will be also available from here like the others. Thanks.


I would like too info about the demo or the full version of chapter III (standalone or part of the trilogy package) being available or not here in itch.

I would be sad not having accesible the last chapter in some DRM-free way...

I achieved Ending 1 and I am proud to be playing Faith 3! Amazing stuff every single time I play FAITH. I can that this chapter will be the best one in the franchise! 


I can't play FAITH myself as i am on a mac but i am having a lot of fun making my brother play it and stream it to me. love these games, eagerly awaiting chapter III to scare my brother some more. thank you for making them.

I ooze with anticipation...


I have a feeling that this chapter will be the best one...

How do you get the child to appear in the cornfields during chpeter 2, I want to get the initiation ending.

hey! are there any ideas on when Chapter 3 would come out? 

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Hello! I got to know about your games through John Wolfe's videos. I played the first chapter and just purchased Chapter 2! Do keep up the excellent work! Very excited for Chapter 3! 


I'm so excited for chapter 3. Your game is definitely one of my favourites. Everything about it; the atmosphere, art style, music and sound, and story makes me so motivated and inspired to create my own art. Thank you for working on such a cool project :)


Thank you for your kind words!

An office building.

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I'm working on it!