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Hey, i'm having a bit of a problem...I wanted to buy FAITH: Deluxe and Faith: Chapter 2 but didn't work. Can you help?

Send me an email!

Uhh...excuse me but what is your email adress?

What program did you use to make this game?   It's amazing.  


What is the robotic voice? I want to know pls.


I have found it out. By looking at the wikipedia for FAITH, it is Software Automatic Mouth.

Hey man, how do I buy the deluxe edition... trying to give you money.


Hi, if you pay more than $1 when you click "Download" on the game page you should be able to choose FAITH Deluxe to download.


Fantastic experience! Incredibly unnerving and fun. Audience had a great time watching me stream this!

Don't prevent people from exiting the game....that's just a big no. ur locked in the tutorial. Even from the menu screen if u go to quit u have to stay on the tab and click twice with no prompt or anything just to do the thing u wanted to do .....pretending the user just downloaded a virus is inappropriately scarey. Not playing this, as others said its too much walking  aimlessly and u can get screwed by the spawns very easily.


Are you sure this comment is for FAITH?


Not sure if you answered this before, but what program did you use for the text-to-voice speech?

did you get an answer to it yet ? or know how it is done ?

It's SAM: Software Automatic Mouth 



I didnt even play the 2nd one through yet, and you made a 3rd lol? wtf

What's different about the DX edition?

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Is there any ending or secret related to the mirror demon ? or is it just an exta fight?

i also was thinking about the ancient god from World of horror which was related to mirrors, is it an easter egg of some sort related to him ? 

I paid $1 for the deluxe edition but when I choose what file I want to download at that Itch download screen, the deluxe edition doesn't appear in the drop-down menu. Anyone else experience this? :(

Please email support about this issue!

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Awesome way to play a horror game, makes for an interesting mix of old and scary! Easy to get lost though.

I discovered this game through one of RagnarRox's video. It's great! I especially liked the animations and the sound design. A bit short, but I had a lot of fun playing it. I will surely check out chapter 2.

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That first bed scare was enough for me to invest in both the Deluxe Edition and Chapter II.  Can't wait to finish them both.

Chapter I is a very well crafted love letter to Atari 2600 aesthetics, grindhouse horror, rotoscoping, and atmosphere. I invite everyone who plays it to get killed at least once by the creature in the woods. It's spooky, but you'll thank me.

Congratulations, great game.

It's always sad not to see games released on my OS (Linux) but at least it runs flawlessly under Wine. This was recorded on Fedora Linux

Deleted 1 year ago

Thanks for the info! In the future, please email me about bugs/crashes/technical issues.

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Made a playthrough of the deluxe version live. Got 3 endings. I have to say...this was a great experience. Can't wait to stream chapter 2 :)

Is there a way to get fullscreen?


The .exe without the "windowed_" prefix should play at fullscreen.


Found it. Thanks :)

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Disgusting game, 2 motion animation sprites. Aesthetically, the game shit. 

I enjoyed The Wind so much that I had to come give this a try. How the hell is DOS style so creepy?


Irritating game where you have to restart every time the game decides to spawn a spider right next to you without any time to repel it

From the start, this game really drew me in when I first saw it. The soundtracks, the artstyle, the aesthetic of walking simulator art, the not-so-obvious jumpscare, everything combined each other and make it into something that could be one of the best modern pixel game i've played so far.  

Keep working on this gaming style and I'll keep supporting it!

Hey, I really dug your game, I think it's one of the better horror games I've played in recent years. Here is a Let's Play that I made of it if you're interested.

Just played this game and i really like it so far actually! Plz check out the video I did of it. :)

One of the best horror games I have played so far! Even though it's just a 2D pixel game, I was still afraid of what might come next! The atmosphere and music was so awesome! I am even happy that the save mechanic was actually very helpful in some moments! With a trash computer like mine, I was glad I had no lag while playing the game! I had only enough time to get 2 endings, the hunter and murderer. I can't wait to play Faith 2! I'm still deciding whether or not to play the deluxe edition. Would you recommend me to play it? Also should I try out the Faith 2 demo or wait for the full game? Thanks so much! Keep up the good work! 


Now this. This is what I call  fine art.

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Sinceramente, eu adorei seu jogo, mesmo os gráficos sejam parecendo um pouco dos gráficos da atari combina com o jogo, ainda mais é pra assustar e divertir. Bem esse jogo foi uma coisa que me mudou de outros jogos, bem se eu tivesse dinheiro poderia doar para você, mas eu vou apoiar e falar para outros amigos meus jogarem esse jogo! Bem, isso é a única coisa que eu posso fazer...Bem eu gostei desse jogo e espero que você possa me assustar muito com seus jogos incriveis.


Great game. Came back to donate a tiny something and to wish your elderly pup well, and you all the success you deserve with the impending sequel <3

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Just played the Deluxe version, i really loved the simple yet game changing additions. I hope this comment be read... but, i have some lil suggestions/feedback for maybe future changes :V: 
- About the mirror demon, the way to acess it (grabbing and shooting the rifle 3 times) feels really weird (because you have to go back , grab and listen the message again). What about it be something like: When you first enter the room, the reflection is normal/clean, then in the subsequent entrances there is a chance (or always) of appearing the demon, then you use the cross, making the mirror crack, and the demon dissapear from the reflection, repeat this one additional time to make it really cracked, then only make the demonic reflection appear again if you have the gun thus triggering the event. I think that this would make smoother and more mysterious.

Some questions:
- The extra lore is the one from defeating the demon?
- There is some use for the clown nose (nasus) item?

- In the deluxe version, the secret note after defeating  the boss, for collecting all notes still works like in the free version? (i was pretty sure i collected all, maybe the note progress reseted because i died midway in the woods (collected note, save point in the shed, died, recollected only the ones after the save point).

When is a german patch coming? Or is there a kind of mod?


The game was different, reminding me of the commodore 64 in how it did it's games, it was fun and the voices were creepy on there own for me, and I liked it, but raged at the boss.

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What I liked most and what was really well delivered: The typical Atari - Artstyle and old fashioned Sound. Short Game which brings you kind of back to the past ;)

The voice was perfectly made and also the "lack of Music" was well placed. After all I'll look forward to "Faith II"

Sweet HOME?

WHY, BOB?!?! WHY?!!?

This game creeps me out more than AAA horror titles. I love it.

============ GERMAN ============
(english below)

Ein ziemlich pixeliges, ziemlich retroiges Horrorspiel.

- Horrorspiel, inspiriert aus der Atari/C64 Zeit
- Minimalistische aber Wirkungsvolle Grafiken & Sounds
- Gefühl, etwas mysteriöses zu erforschen und zu bekämpfen sehr gut

- teilweise billige Tode (wenn Feinde genau am Szenenwechsel zufällig spawnen)
- Stimme des Protagonisten nicht abschaltbar
- Wirkungskegel des Kreuzes nicht immer 100% einschätzbar

============ ENGLISH ============

A very pixelated, very retro horrorgame.

- inspired by Atari / C64 ages
- minimalistic but effective graphics and sounds
- feeling of exploring and fighting something mysterious is great

- sometimes cheap deaths (if enemies spawn exactly at level-borders close to you - random)
- voice of the protagonist should have an option to be muted
- AoE of the cross not always 100% judgeable

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