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really enjoyed this game and so did the community


where did the tts come from?

an online version of the tts can be found here:

You got yourself a modern classic here!


Can you please make an android version?

Any chance I could get an MP3 of the "She is mine priest" line? I purchased the Deluxe Version and noticed it has Mortis but not the other.


DM me stockinanarcy(at)gmail(dot)com


By the way, you can create your own lines with Software Automatic Mouth. It seems this is what was used for voice acting.

Genuinely unsettling and eerie. There is a lot underneath the surface of this one, and the horror is not limited to jump scares. 

I played a bit of it, know I know why gamers say it's horrifying! this is a superb horror game, I'm a big fan of the 80s and horror, so this is fricking awesome!


I just wanted to say that I'm enjoying all of your games, and that I appreciate all the effort that you put into making them. I hope life is treating you well, that you are doing well, and that you keep doing what you enjoy.

I love your game and it plays really nicely. I'm using this game as inspiration for a game im making for a school assignment. I was just wondering what you used for the speech because it sounds really good and just adds to the authenticity and want to put it in my game. thanks in advance

I know this is extremely late but he most likely used a free synth plugin called "VSTSpeek" by Wavosaur. It lets you input text and then outputs a deep robotic inhuman voice. It's awesome for niche stuff like this game lol. Only available on Windows OS though.

nvm i looked a little deeper and there have been Mac/Linux releases in case you need those (:

For all of you wanting to play it on macOS or Linux,

Try using Wine, it works really well with that

For my fellow Linux users, try it with Lutris, it works well.


(also it's a great game, good job, can't wait to finish, I've only barely started)

12buntu, how can I play it on Raspberry Pi 4B+ ? I have a school project to design a game console. I want to use an Xbox One controller (non-Bluetooth) wired to the Pi and want the person to play this game directly after starting it up. how do I do that?


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It should work well, but you may have to do a little bit of research.

I would start by finding out how to automatically start applications. Here is a relatively simple way that works on Lubuntu, however it may not work on Raspbian if that's what you're using. I would then add a command to the autostart applications that starts wine, such as `wine /path/to/execuable/faith.exe` (of course replace that with wherever you keep the executable, for me it's `/home/kyle/Games/FAITH_DELUXE_v1-4_itch/FAITH_dx_v1-4.exe`)

Also, try looking into something called RetroArch, it is made for this exact sort of thing and may work even better for you!


Thank you so  much , man. I will try it and let you all know so that others can do it as well.

Thanks and regards


we need it on mac, please please please

it works really well with Wine, I'm running it just fine on Linux


Just played this game.  Holy moly.  This is one amazing horror game.  You took The Exorcist and combined it with the hunting mini-game from Oregon Trail.  Fantastic idea.  I'll definitely consider purchasing the full version.  Thank you much for this incredible game and design work.

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1/10 could not shit in the house toilet 


i logged into itch just to like this comment


wait we cant? :(


no ;(

Absolutely fantastic! What this game lacks in pixels it makes up for in atmodphere and spooks! 11/10

Love this game but I always get too scared. 


gotta have FAITH 

So, I didn't finish because I couldn't figure it out (I did later on.. but I don't have the strength in me to go and play it again). I was so scared (until I started to rage). It was so so well done and so amazing! Loved it 

George Michael once sang a song about having Faith, and while most people think he was singing about a relationship...I think he was singing about something deeper. I think he was actually singing about this game. For real though this was an awesome retro style game and a blast to play. Even though the graphics looked like they could have been on the original Nintendo, it still genuinely creeped me out and scared me. Also, I died a lot. AMAZING GAME!!!

I bought the game before realizing it was for windows and only have a mac, I don't want a refund or anyting, love supporting small devs making really awesome stuff. Was just wondering if there's ever a chance it will land on mac?

Hey, I know my comment is super late but it works well with Wine, I'm running it on Linux just fine, might ask the dev to include that in the description.

Found out this game recently and here's my take! Was a great experience!

One of my favorite games on and deserves tons of fans. I can't wait for part 3

This game is definitely a hidden gem, mainly because it was created such a long time ago but boy am I glad i found it. This has been both a great visual story telling game as well as spooky experience.  Highlg recommended play through.

This game is exactly what you call

"I crapped my pants and cried to sleep because the demons were watching me."

Inspired by a real life situation


Stylish and spooky, Faith is a fun horror game that breaths some fresh air into a tired genre.  

Hands-down fantastic game that really showed how something so aesthetically simple can be so terrifying and effective. Really glad my friend continued to convince me to play this until I did. Thanks for sharing and excited to follow you as a creator and everything else you make :)

If you ever have the moment, I hope you get to check out my vid!

I loved the first chapter of faith, but please translate the game into Portuguese, that's all I ask for please.


I know this a very serious question. I'm 17 and I have dabbled in video game development for a long time. I love games but I am very interested in film production as well. So seeing a game like yours with a devout following but not extremely big. I was wondering if you could tell me or where I could find how many sales the Faith series has had. I understand if you can't answer. Thank You


Hey man! Awesome game! Here's the first episode of my playthrough of it if anybody's interested. :)

awesome this game is so good

This was genuinely awesome! I had so much fun with it. That retro audio creeped me out the entire time [the silence made it worse when the music stopped haha]! And I wasn't expecting such a difficult boss fight, but it was a really good challenge! Getting right onto Chapter 2 and 3!

My lets play of Chapter 1:


Interview with Airdorf on In The Keep Podcast (2020)

YouTube // Podcast Directories


well I've found the voice generator of this wonderful game, It's the C64 SAM (Software Automatic Mouth) program.

The robotic sound is a side effect due to the limitations of the SID chip on the Comodore64.

thankfully Sebastian Macke have created a port of it on github and a live web version as well.

you might also want to read about the SID chip.

You're all welcome :D


Will there be a Mac version of this

You can use it on wine, at least it's working with Wine for me on Linux

im trying to download the game but it keeps showing the file with "virus scan failed", ive tried everything i could to download the game but it wont download it, anyone can help?

Hi! The game contains no viruses - has already scanned all FAITH game files for malware. The problem is virus scan software commonly flags unfamiliar .exe files as viruses. Either disable your antivirus while you're playing FAITH or add FAITH to your antivirus' "exceptions" list. 

i did those things and it didn't work 

what browser are you using?

SCARY. I effing love it.

This game is really cool but where did they get the robot voices? I looked everywhere for like a synthesizer but never found one. It would be really cool to find out how they did it.


check my comment

This game is pretty interesting. (And a bit creepy.) And also, how the developer made the pixel animation... oml I just can't- 

Are there plans for linux support

How do I get past the pentagram boss fight? She goes straight towards me when she stops and I use my crux.

evade her. hope this little hint helps (didn't want to spoil all)

don't even attempt to hit her?

sure. then use crux once she stops. also you can use crux while she's 4 times around you - helps finding out in which direction you have to evade (she comes from the opposite side of where she is during 4-split mode)


I'd always steered clear of the Faith games after seeing the clips floating around on YouTube, mainly because the graphics put me off (I'm not a graphics snob, I swear)

But man, I'm so glad I finally decided to sit down and play it!

Love the atmosphere, loved the challenge in parts, loved the story it built and its lore!

I will defintely be paying a visit to chapter II and III, forive me for I have sinned by not playing this sooner!

Here's my video for those interested (second game at 14:31):

question: will this game ever be coming to mac? 


a s k    a g a i n    l a t e r

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