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This game is awesome and really creepy! You nailed the old style effects. I really think the old school sounds are the most disturbing way to give a voice to a demon. :)

I think I got really close to the end but unfortunately I ran into an error that crashed the game.


hi I love this game! I got up to the attic part and decided to take a break but when I closed it it didn’t save!! Does anyone know how to save it? Thank you!!



I'm so enjoying this game and spooky atmosphere that it brings us. I haven't played such a cozy creepy  pixelated game for a while.  Enjoying every second of it, even if I have some technical issues right now, about which I told before. Anyway can't wait to play more and finally see how this story ends ^_^ 

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How do i kill this grey demon dude xD ??

and huge respect for thanking your mom <3 <3 


So i noticed that you thanked Shuan Spalding in the readme.txt, does that mean that it's safe to assume that you made this game in GameMaker?

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When it comes to horror there's really only a couple of things that truly scare me, ghosts and demons, needless to say this game made me shiver uncontrollably whilst playing...

The art style gives the game a certain charm and despite it's appearance it can (and will) scare you. The retro style audio is amazing as well, from the music to the sound effects the game's audio is gold.

The atmosphere is nailed right from the beginning, I have yet to feel safe during my playthrough of the game. 

This is a really solid experience, though I've yet to finish it, it can get a little frustrating at times but I found that piecing together the story here was more than worth a few minutes of wandering around. I hope you don't mind but I've started a let's play series of the game on channel.

Cheers and best wishes to you, I look forward to playing more of the game!

Okay, so I personally have Mac. And I tried to use Wine Bottler, cause I really wanted to try it out AND everything was fine, until I came into the house and several rooms were rainbow colored and not accessible xD Then I tried to install it on Windows 7 64-bit and it's basically as the human being said bellow: white screen. Music is playing and everything is fine, but white screen. Tried it with for a few time, same result. So sorry, good game, I like the atmosphere, the possessed creature? demon? always trying to eat us, but I don't think I would be able to play it fully :) What a shame((


Send me an email -> Airdorf(at)gmail(dot)com. We'll get to the bottom of this :)


Really loving this game. Have a question on an ending I'm missing. Got "Murderer", the deer one, "Father And Son", "Faith", I'm missing the other one and I'm totally lost. Any tips? Thanks!

Look around outside some more! Follow the different paths in the woods.

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(EDIT) I got it, can't believe I missed that. Great game! gave you 5*s.

I'm almost positive I've been down all of the 5 paths. The only one that's left is the one with the squirrel. I just went back replayed from the beginning and got the CHAOS REIGNS trigger, I'm totally lost here.

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Also, kudos for beating the boss so quickly :D

I have Windows 7 64-bit. After the loading screen I get a white screen?  Audio and controls seem to work.

Alt-tab back to the game window. This happens sometimes if you click on something outside of the game window while the application is loading.

Alt-tab did not make any difference.

Send me an email -> Airdorf(at)gmail(dot)com. We'll find a solution :)


Hi! This game is fantastic! Love the atmosphere and the creepy retro audio and the awesome pixel art animation. I'm stuck though - can't figure out how to get bast the 'Kill Her' bit. Have found a gun, but can't find her. Any tips?

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Game is great fun, I like the atmosphere and the classic vibes! Can't wait to get further in!


A+ - I love the gameplay, sfx, death screen, the eerie movement that makes me feel trapped, all of it.

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

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