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Hey. I don't know who you are, or what kind of drugs you took to think that this game was a good idea, but keep taking them. This is good shit. The animations in the cutscenes fucked me up real good

Kind of a silly question, but is this game MS-DOS compatible? Or maybe destined to receive an MS-DOS version in the near future? I'd love to play this on era appropriate hardware. 

I love the voices, oh man it's creepy!






Love the game, any interest in a spanish translation patch? I think it deserves a lot more love and spanish people would love to see this game!


Dios mío 


Just bought both games, gave $10 for each, because you honestly deserve it. Using just basic graphics and a wonderful atmosphere to where your mind fills in the blanks is absolutely intoxicating. This game is one of many testaments of what true horror is. 


💖 I don’t deserve you 💖

Nah you do deserve it Airdorf. After seeing Vinny play it and wanting to try just did today (my birthday 27th!); My girlfriend and I finished both games in the dark! 

Absolutely great fun. Only question I have is there any page which has all the text to speech quotes from the games? I'd love to read more into this lore. Cannot wait for the 3rd Chapter of John. 💗 

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Gave it a shot the other day and recorded my playthrough.  Video is here if you're interested :)  

Really looking forward to playing Chapter II next.  Especially hoping to see a continuation of the Hunter ending XD

I cannot wait to play the rest of the chapters!!


I purchased this and wanted to give additional support by giving ten dollars but I realized that the only download formats are only for windows and not on MacOS. Even though I can’t play myself i wanted to give money to an awesome game anyway!! I don’t regret. <3


Bro just saw markiplier playing the game, fell in love with it XD

This game was such a treat!  As someone who really enjoys vintage games as well as horror I was positively blown away.  A friend recommended this game to me and after watching the trailer I knew I HAD to play it.  Well presented, well written and an excellent trip down memory lane.  I'm very excited to play the rest of your games!

This is one of the best horror games of all time!

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Love The pixelated Games, Thank you for creating it, I hope you make more games like the wind, Thanks!!

is there an a ending hunter soundtrack? i really REALLY need it, it's very good to listen to me

also love you're work can't wait for chapter 3

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Hello , I paid for the deluxe edition. But.. I wanted to download it later and I think it bugged and i cannot access it? Where can I find it?


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Why does John have a gold cross in chapter 1 and a white cross in chapter 2? I'm dying to hear the reason behind it.

Any chance of a android coming out? I do not own a pc, i love this game!

How do you get the child to appear in faith 2? Its for the 3rd ending

Hi, My computer is recommending me to extract the file before playing the game. is this something i should do? Thanks

Most games require you do that. Just do it.

Hello! I am interested in creating a retro-style game. Not horror or anything big, but just a personal project in my spare time. If you wouldn't mind telling, what game engine did you use to achieve the style of Faith?


FAITH was developed in Game Maker Studio but really this style is achievable in most engines. 


Would you please, please consider putting the games on Steam? I'd love to add them to my library there. You could make them a couple $ each easily and people (myself included) would happily buy. :)


A Steam release is in the works!

Amazing! Thank you, I can't wait! :D

If you do not pay for the Deluxe Edition, what will you miss out on?

The Deluxe version lets you continue from your last save after quitting/exiting the game. It also has the "Lantern" and "Flashlight" modes, a bonus demon, and bonus lore to read.

Will there a be a mobile port? Specifically Android, I haven't got a PC to play it :(, no hate if there won't be though! I love watching the game. 


Epic game series. Is the 3rd chapter already in development?


Yes it is!

Hello Airdorf! Might I ask what you used to create the voice for the main character? Programs and such, I really like it

Hey, I wanted to make an 8bit horror game but I dont know C#, or any other scripting. If anyone would be willing to make it for me, I have the music covered and you would get the credit.

Hey, i'm having a bit of a problem...I wanted to buy FAITH: Deluxe and Faith: Chapter 2 but didn't work. Can you help?

Send me an email!

Uhh...excuse me but what is your email adress?

What program did you use to make this game?   It's amazing.  


What is the robotic voice? I want to know pls.


I have found it out. By looking at the wikipedia for FAITH, it is Software Automatic Mouth.

Hey man, how do I buy the deluxe edition... trying to give you money.


Hi, if you pay more than $1 when you click "Download" on the game page you should be able to choose FAITH Deluxe to download.


Fantastic experience! Incredibly unnerving and fun. Audience had a great time watching me stream this!

Don't prevent people from exiting the game....that's just a big no. ur locked in the tutorial. Even from the menu screen if u go to quit u have to stay on the tab and click twice with no prompt or anything just to do the thing u wanted to do .....pretending the user just downloaded a virus is inappropriately scarey. Not playing this, as others said its too much walking  aimlessly and u can get screwed by the spawns very easily.


Are you sure this comment is for FAITH?


Not sure if you answered this before, but what program did you use for the text-to-voice speech?

did you get an answer to it yet ? or know how it is done ?

It's SAM: Software Automatic Mouth 



I didnt even play the 2nd one through yet, and you made a 3rd lol? wtf

What's different about the DX edition?

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Is there any ending or secret related to the mirror demon ? or is it just an exta fight?

i also was thinking about the ancient god from World of horror which was related to mirrors, is it an easter egg of some sort related to him ? 

I paid $1 for the deluxe edition but when I choose what file I want to download at that Itch download screen, the deluxe edition doesn't appear in the drop-down menu. Anyone else experience this? :(

Please email support about this issue!

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