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Wow, just finished all five endings plus the secret encounter. I am shooketh, this is by far one of the best games I've played. Period. Everything from the story to the art style and control dynamics is a 10/10. Huge fan of spiritual/religious horror, and I'll admit most of the time, I'm very disappointed in the story because it's very easy just to remix and vomit out another tired narrative. This game is the opposite, and I can't wait to play Chapter 2. Chefs kiss...


Thank you for playing! Can't wait to show you Chapter THREE!

Oh, I'm on the edge of my seat, friend. This game is wild...I'm working up the courage to finish the second chapter. It's an overload considering how short the first one was (not complaining by ANY means).  

What text-to-speech is used in the game?

Anyone know the engine used here?

Just finished faith 1 and 2 with my GF, she was terrified. Part 1 was great and 2 is even better. Good luck with 3.

Huge fan here. Super excited for the completed Unholy Trinity! 

Deleted 17 days ago

thanks for bringing this up; can you send me an email with more details?

how do I access the items I git for buying the deluxe

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god, i absolutely love this game

wish it was longer tho :c

this game looks so frickin’ cool!

what program did you use for the music?


Online Sequencer, sometimes ChipTone, or public domain midis run through a chiptune sound font


Finally got to experience this piece of art for myself and i love it. Great atmosphere with the simplistic graphics making you feel uneasy as everything looks like they have been haunted. Thank you for making this! 


I hit 1000 subs on my indie horror channel, and I think I made the right choice for the 1000 sub video :)

Full Playthrough (no commentary) All 6 endings w/ tags

Muahaha i liked!

Something's wrong, I clearly remember getting the deluxe edition for free. Hell, I even got my current desktop wallpaper from the deluxe edition, but for some reason I need a dollar or more to access the deluxe version.


You might have downloaded the deluxe version on one of the rare weeks when I put it up for free, usually while some giant bundle is going on.

ah, that makes sense. 

5*. Great atmosphere. Reminds me of Friday 13th on the Commodore 64, which I used to love playing in the dark.

I haven't completed Faith - got out of the house, but am then a bit lost as to what to do, and since death sends em back to a cutscene I've paused it for now, but I will go back.

Runs perfectly in Linux

Went ahead and beat all the games and demos in this one video for anyone who is looking to catch up for the masterpiece that is going to be Faith 3! (:

Thanks for making games Airdorf!


beat the whole thing using keyboard :)

Mi juego favorito!

I just happened upon this game watching youtube let's plays. Absolutely love the artwork style and story! About to give all of your games a shot. I am also interested in developing games like this. Might I ask what language/engine you created this in? Thanks!!!

I'm making a game for a project at my highschool and the art style is heavily based off this game, would i be able to post it on


Sure it's not like I own the rights to pixel horror games. Send me the link when you're finished!


My little brother made an oc based off the main character, sick game bro, creepy as fuck.

Love your games and would like to see you at my Game Jam.

Is there any way to recover my save from the free version for the deluxe version? I double tapped the space bar and accidentally fired the shotgun after the boss, tried to reload to before then and well that was when I found out the load function was paywalled (I know it's only a dollar but come on man) I was having fun till then and I actually would like to finish the game but that kinda killed my motivation especially after the long boss. 

Hi there, the rifle will respawn if you fire it prematurely after fighting Amy. Just leave the room and come back and it should be there.

creepy game and it has a creepy aspact i like it

When CGA and EGA card get a baby and that baby is Jesus.
Great game!


Will chapter 3 ever be a thing? Its been like 2 years now since the demo


Chapter 3 is actively in development and I regularly post updates on my Twitter 👊


cool im very happy to hear that! thanks!

this game is a masterpiece and im waiting for chapter 3 hopefully 4 . its amazing the simplicity of it all but its still so incredibly atmospheric . amazing job !

This is by no means a new game, but this being the second time I’ve played it through, I really enjoyed the aesthetic and the sto

ry itself. I can’t wait to see the rest of the faith games. If they’re even half as good as this one, I know I’ll love it. 

Absolutely loved the aesthetic and the story, but unfortunately,  the poor gameplay absolutely destroyed it for me. It's very slow, monotonous and even frustrating at times. Unskippable cutscenes that you have to see over and over again is the design decision that I'll never understand. I know the game takes inspirations from titles from the 80's, but honestly, these games had far better gameplay than this. Didn't play the sequel yet, maybe the problems are fixed there, but so far, it was a dissapointment, after all the glowing praise the game have received.

I don't think would be difficult to support others operating systems like Linux and Mac


It is difficult.

You are using a game engine dude

Not all game engines support Linux/Mac export... If they don't, it's virtually impossible for the common game dev to port it.

However not all is lost.... Runs great on Debian based Linux using a Windows compatability layer called WINE. 👌

Everything is software rendered, no need to install graphics libraries, etc.

Years later I still absolutely adore this game and the whole series. It's positively amazing what you have achieved. Only criticism has to be that I'm not down with those scan lines. Interpolation is off or something I don't know but they end up unevenly spaced even on a monitor with an even integer of 192x160

This reminded me inmitially of Domark Games' Friday the 13th from the mid-80s, with the very dark rendition of moonlight sonata and the 8-bit digitised voices, screams and sounds. I find myself playing this more and more. This is just wonderful and a real nostalgia trip for me.


Airdorf Games: I'm physically disabled, and I have some major wrist control issues do to my disability.

Is there some sort of potential "god" mode, or maybe the possibility to introduce an easier mode or a "story" mode to help me and other disabled gamers?

I really love the story and universe that you've made, and I don't want to "just watch it on YouTube" as I kinda want to experience it myself.

Thank you for your time!

Lembra muito filmes de terror dos anos 90 com filme de terror!

Se você não ligar para história (que é quase um pecado haha) ainda dá pra jogar de boas! E vale a pena tentar vários finais :D

im on windows 7 does that count?? also i updated my computer up date that's why my computer is here at


i did not get the game because i am an 8 year old and i dont have both windows 8 or windows 10, but i do have a keyboard so if you put it online like pacman horror game i can play it. btw if you took the time to read all of this claim your cookie here 🍪

What can I say, this game is amazing. I have played the game on my horror series on my YouTube channel which, if you're interested, you can watch by clicking here.

But man, this game, while I do not get scared by horror games, this game also shows how not every horror game needs to be this jumpscare-focused-loud type-ish horror game. The visuals and the audio are seriously great and the addition of the Commadore SAM TTS is perfect.

I've played a ton of horror games, and this short, yet memorable game that looks like it'd be on the Atari captivated me like no other game has in recent years. Thank you for that!

Can't wait for Chapter III :)

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