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Interview with Airdorf on In The Keep Podcast (2020)

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well I've found the voice generator of this wonderful game, It's the C64 SAM (Software Automatic Mouth) program.

The robotic sound is a side effect due to the limitations of the SID chip on the Comodore64.

thankfully Sebastian Macke have created a port of it on github and a live web version as well.

you might also want to read about the SID chip.

You're all welcome :D

Will there be a Mac version of this

im trying to download the game but it keeps showing the file with "virus scan failed", ive tried everything i could to download the game but it wont download it, anyone can help?

Hi! The game contains no viruses - has already scanned all FAITH game files for malware. The problem is virus scan software commonly flags unfamiliar .exe files as viruses. Either disable your antivirus while you're playing FAITH or add FAITH to your antivirus' "exceptions" list. 

i did those things and it didn't work 

what browser are you using?

SCARY. I effing love it.

This game is really cool but where did they get the robot voices? I looked everywhere for like a synthesizer but never found one. It would be really cool to find out how they did it.


check my comment

This game is pretty interesting. (And a bit creepy.) And also, how the developer made the pixel animation... oml I just can't- 

Are there plans for linux support

How do I get past the pentagram boss fight? She goes straight towards me when she stops and I use my crux.

evade her. hope this little hint helps (didn't want to spoil all)

don't even attempt to hit her?

sure. then use crux once she stops. also you can use crux while she's 4 times around you - helps finding out in which direction you have to evade (she comes from the opposite side of where she is during 4-split mode)


I'd always steered clear of the Faith games after seeing the clips floating around on YouTube, mainly because the graphics put me off (I'm not a graphics snob, I swear)

But man, I'm so glad I finally decided to sit down and play it!

Love the atmosphere, loved the challenge in parts, loved the story it built and its lore!

I will defintely be paying a visit to chapter II and III, forive me for I have sinned by not playing this sooner!

Here's my video for those interested (second game at 14:31):

question: will this game ever be coming to mac? 


a s k    a g a i n    l a t e r

This game is fantastic! Wish I had played it sooner! Cant wait to play 2 and looking forward to 3!

An amazing title with great presentation & atmosphere! Not everything is immediately clear, which means the player has to explore, but this title delivers that in such a terrifying way!

This game was difficult for me to play but I had a great time!

This game is absolutely phenomenal. There's something inherently creepy about the graphics style this game uses. Fantastic storytelling. 10/10 in my book. Here's my playthrough of the full game:

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Probably one of the best retro-like horror games I have played yet. The atmosphere was nice and pleasant, strangely. The story causes great unease and gloomy vibes, overall the game was great, I think the ratings says it all. Edit: (Sorry for the grammar mistakes, I fixed them)

I have tried playing this game and due to many horror gamers and YouTubers liking it, I really want to like it too.... but I just can't.

When I played it (or tried playing it), the atmosphere was ok-ish but wasn't unsettling much for me and I walked about for literally 2 hours and I kept seeing the same scenes over and over again. I got very bored and uninstalled the game. The walking is incredibly slow and if there was running involved, I may like the game more but since there isn't, I can't like it.

I know I am like the 1% who dislike it (because most horror gamers love it) but these are the reasons why I tried to play it but nothing in this game made me want to continue playing it.

I also understand that this comment may mean absolutely nothing to anyone, but I just thought I'd get my criticism out there.

In conclusion, the game just feels too slow paced for me and most horror games I play have a balance pace or atmosphere and this one I felt had very slow pace in both.

I am not saying your game is bad because clearly it's quite the opposite. I just hope that a future game of yours takes my interest and I can actually enjoy it.

will you be republishing it in a MS-DOS Format?

What a nostalgic trip with the game style! Extremely unsettling too! Amazing job and I'm really looking forward to playing the second chapter now! 

What's different with the deluxe version? Please don't answer if it's a spoiler heavy difference (haven't played it yet)


This was quite amazing. I have mostly not a singel clue why I did what I did when I played but... if your interested, here is my playthrough. Thanks for making this.

Thanks for playing!


This is the text-to-speech voice generator:

check my comment


Sorry if this has been asked before, but what program did you use to make the game?

I think he used GameMaker Studio

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I read this comment in Gollum's voice.

I absolutely loved playing this game! This game had an amazing mood and setting! If you guys wanna check out my plathrough of the game I'll leave it here. I actually manged to get the good ending on the first time unintentionally! 


fav developer

Tbh I wouldn't be happy with IGN rating it the best game, they probably hated it but are too scared to give a score under 7. As they always say "It's a little something for everyone" but then beforehand they call it lazy or some shit.


What I mean is IGN is full of douchebags.........good game btw, I really like


Remember when IGN said Alien Isolation was bad because the AI was too smart?

🎀 MAY GOD DELIVER ME! (ALL 5 ENDINGS) | Faith Chapter 1 Full Gameplay

you know how to make a grown man shit himself. congratulations

love the game 

I finally got around to playing this. That was some trippy stuff!


Hey, I wondered, When does FAITH: The Unholy Trinity release On steam?

I just heard about This game today, and I really want to experience it, however, if it gets released On steam relatively soon, I will wait, and support it On steam.


Is there any way you can port this game on Android/Chromebook?

Likely not, but you could install Linux and then install Wine on it, or if you have developer mode, install Wine via Android. Then run the game in Wine

Hello! just come here to tell you that your game is a very cool
It shows that you have put love and effort and have done a good job :)
I would like to ask you if you plan to make a Spanish translation or if there is a patch to play it in Spanish
thank you :)

What program was used for the voices within the game?

check my comment

Wow superb job my friend this game rocks, it's geniunely creepy and unsettling I love it

Hey, I wanted to ask what the licensing would be for S.A.M.'s use? Did you need permission to use it?

Regards, DTBH


idk what you’re talking about 



I am working on a game with friends, and I would like to know how the speech synthesis has been made. 

with kind regards,


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Dear ####

Gary the landlord here

It's been a long time the years go by I have my own building, you know things are going very well. BUT as soon as we begin the complaints began

Someone in the steam page recently start complaining about the elevator walls disappearing?and They are talking about a floor between 6 and 8 i don't know . If you can please send someone to take care of HIM/HER/IT.

Being a landlord is a hard job. people break symbols, take cameras without permission (cutting the power in the act), uncurse objects, stop rituals with flashes.

and then they ask if i loved them?

But i know you will take care of the problem because 

i have FAITH in you!

Eh Get it?


Yeah i should go now

Well keep doing..... What you do i'll be taking a nap while the full game comes out which is soon/?

Take care ####


Great game, amazing graphics, terrifying plot, it all adds up altogether! I am very excited to play the DELUXE EDITION in the near future!

And, of course, looking forward to Chapter 3 as I begin exploring what Chapter 2 has in store 😊

And yeah, I have made a SPEEDRUN EXTRAVAGANZA of this:

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